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    Table Mountain Yoga Experience

  • Rise and shine with a unique and exclusive experience atop the epic Table Mountain

    Reach for the sky and feel like you can literally touch the clouds! Start an extraordinary day in Cape Town perched atop the magnificent Table Mountain, feeling the crisp sea air brushing over your skin, and the warmth of the rising sun on your face as you watch the sparkling city below wake up to the day. There are experiences, and then there are Cape Town Yoga Experiences!

  • About the Table Mountain Yoga Experience

    When you come to Cape Town, it’s a must-do to make your way to the top of this majestic New7Wonder of Nature. You can skip the queues and join us for a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience that affords you the luxury of the first cable car of the day! Revel in peaceful morning moments to breathe, soak in the view, salute the sun and explore the famous Table Mountain.

  • About Cape Town Yoga Experiences

    It’s a thrill and an honour to share a piece of our city and our decadent playground of mountains and ocean with you. We love what you love. Unique experiences in nature, epic views from our yoga mat and connecting with interesting and inspiring people that love to travel and are looking for a little adventure.

  • Private Yoga at your Villa

    Cape Town Yoga Experiences offers personalized yoga and massage packages, conveniently offered to you at your villa, or in carefully selected locations that take advantage of Cape Town’s unparalleled beauty.

  • Other Yoga Experiences

    If you don't have time for a half day Table Mountain experience, then enjoy a yoga session at your villa or on the beach



    One person


    R1 000 pp



    Two people


    R1 600 per couple

    Small Group


    Between 3-10 people


    R380 pp

    Yoga & Thai


    One person


    R1 900 pp

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