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Welcome to Cape Town Yoga Experiences, we're live!

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We're excited to announce our launch, beginning with our exclusive Table Mountain Yoga Experience in partnership with Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

Over the last few months we've been hard at work getting all the parts together to begin to bring incredible and unique yoga experiences to Cape Town and its visitors, and we are happy to say that we are officially up and running with our first - the Table Mountain Yoga Experience.

Our vision is to ultimately offer a range of premium, unique yoga experiences that only Cape Town and even the rest of South Africa can offer. Currently, In addition to the Table Mountain Yoga Experience we also offer personalized yoga and Thai Yoga massage packages wherever you are - whether that's at your hotel or villa, or even the beach or in the park. We're also hard at work on expanding our range of travel & yoga experiences in unique locations. There are some exciting projects in the works in this space that we think will showcase the best of what our beautiful country has to offer.

But, the main event for now, the Table Mountain Yoga Experience, is officially and up and running. Whew, we can finally shout about it and how excited we are about it. We are working hand in hand with the awesome Table Mountain Aerial Cableway to bring a totally unique experience to Cape Town's Visitors.

We've been running a few trials and the results and feedback have been amazing (and the pics of course!), so we are happy to let the world know we're open for bookings, and are looking forward to sharing this with anyone visiting Cape Town.

For more information on the experience, please find more information here.

Thanks for dropping by!

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